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Tan Care

Before your appointment:
  • Exfoliate really well 24-48 hours before your tan
  • No body lotions, deodorant, etc on the day of your tan
  • Bring loose clothing - NO leggings!
Caring for your tan:
  • Do not get wet until the discussed rinse time
  • Do not exfoliate after your tan - try to eliminate the use of loofas, wash cloths, and shaving
  • Do not use dove or any other harsh body washes - stick to tan safe ones
  • Take lukewarm showers
  • Pat dry with a towel rather then rubbing your skin
  • Moisturize with a tan safe body lotion or tan extender every day
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Use customized touchup spray where needed
  • Exfoliate off all of the old spray tan with an exfoliating mitt and tan eraser before your next tan

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